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Story of Change: Onyx Alumni

Greetings! My name is Ms. Chay LyHuy and I am 19 years old (Onyx student last year). My family has 9 members, and I am the oldest in my family. I am currently a student in my 2nd year at the Royal University of Phnom Penh. My father was a hairdresser while my mother was hired to do laundry service and dishwashing. Sometimes she sold a little fish here and there, on the side.

During the COVID 19 isolation, my family struggled with both income and getting enough work. Food prices went up and my dad was unemployed and I didn’t have any income to support my family, especially my younger brothers and sisters who are still small. To make matters worse, my mother is about to give birth again in a few months.

Through these gifts are for my family, it means a lot for me. And it really helps encourage my family to get help in time of serious need. I really want to thank the giver of these gifts and all the people who have given so much to my family, and special thanks to the Lord for sending such a blessing to my family.


Brian Maher


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